Mid-Days with Melanie

Facts About Melanie:

  • You might find tequila in my yoga bag.
  • I eat avocados. But only because I have to. Cuz health.
  • I work out when my jeans get too tight.
  • Hablo Spanglish bien.
  • I speak mostly in emoji when I’m not on your radio.
  • I will babysit your dog anytime.
  • Oprah and Rihanna are my spirit animals.
  • I have a few cool radio awards.
  • Favorite life moment: dancing on stage with PRINCE.
  • Favorite radio career moment: Interviewing Beyoncé. Yes, she is just as perfect in person.
  • If I’m not here, I’m in the ocean.

All Socials: @m3laniemartin

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