Afternoon Drive with Elle Dee

Diggin’ in the crates, for the BIGGEST tracks of your youth …

You’ve told us how much you LOVE our Throwback Sundays, on The BEAT (12:00p – 3:00p with Wil Smith) …. NOW we’re giving you MORE of those great tracks from “back in the day”

THROWBACKS @ 2 starts off the Afternoon Show, every weekday at … wait for it … 2pm!

Dance, Urban, Pop, Hip-Hop, Slow Jamz … some of the BIGGEST songs from the past 25 years!

Got a favourite song from your “clubbin’” days?  Or, what about a track that used to be stuck in your head all day at school?

Let us know … we can drop it in the mix …


THROWBACKS @ 2 … Only on 91.5 the BEAT!

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