Friends, family, and having a GREAT time! That’s what the Ultimate Oktoberfest Experience is all about. Around Oktoberfest it’s called “Gemuetlichkeit” and it has no direct English translation but essentially means “coziness.”
There are many ways to take in the Oktoberfest Experience during the festival! With over 40 Family and Cultural Events, there is something for everyone!
Walk through the doors of a festhalle and be transported to a world of good times and good cheer where there are no strangers and the food and beverages are served up by friendly staff wearing traditional German tracht. Link arms and join your newly found festhalle friends in the singing of Ein Prosit or hit the dance floor and polka the night away!
Gather the family and head down to Weber Street on Thanksgiving Day to continue the tradition of taking in the Oktoberfest Thanksgiving Day Parade! Watch as over 120 floats, bands and costumed characters make their way down the Parade route entertaining the crowd. Even Miss Oktoberfest and Onkel Hans join the fun!
What’s your Ultimate Oktoberfest Experience? Discover it at Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest!





Oct. 11 Opening Ceremonies: Waterloo Mayor’s Oktoberfest Luncheon 75 King Street South, Waterloo
Oct. 11 Opening Ceremonies – Kitchener/Waterloo Kitchener City Hall
Oct. 11 Willkommen Breakfast  Rustico Kitchen & Bar
Oct. 11 Dorfrocker Bingemans Kool Haus
Oct. 11 Dorfrocker Bingemans Kool Haus
Oct. 12 Kitchener Willkommen Platz King St.
Oct. 13 Rocktoberfet featuring The Trews Elements
Oct. 14  Thanksgiving Day Parade Weber & Fredrick St. Kitchener
Oct. 15 So You Think You Can Tanz Alpine Club
464 Maple Ave.
Oct. 19 Oktoberfest Closing Ceremonies TBD