Viral video shows live frog found in London, Ont. Sobeys lettuce container

Canadian supermarket chain Sobeys says it is investigating after a video uploaded to TikTok showed a live frog inside of a lettuce container that was being sold at the company’s north London, Ont., grocery store.

Chantel Scott posted the video to her TikTok account on Saturday and as of Monday afternoon, it has garnered more than 345,000 views and more than 31,000 likes. In it, a live frog can be seen inside a 142g container of Compliments “Spring Mix”, which was being sold at the Sobeys at 1595 Adelaide St. North. Compliments is a brand owned by Sobeys Inc.

“I was at the grocery store at around 5:20 p.m. and I literally posted it right after I walked out,” Scott told Global News.

“I just thought it would be for my friends to see, I really didn’t think it was going to be a big thing… it blew up right after.”


Alive frog sealed into salad mix… @sobeys.official #sobeys #complimentssalad #frog

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Scott, a model and online business owner who mainly lives in France, says she’s currently visiting family in London and made the trip to Sobeys on Saturday when her mom asked her to pick up some salad for dinner.

That’s when she picked up the now-famous container of lettuce.

“My first reaction was just to go to the manager and I thought he would just let me take it out, but I guess they needed to take it to file a report,” Scott said, adding that Sobeys has not followed up with her since the video was posted to TikTok.

“It makes you think a lot more about what you buy and what company you support after this kind of thing,” Scott said.

“I just really hope that Sobeys looks more into quality control and really takes animal lives into consideration. That frog was really lucky to still be alive and I hope he’s still okay now, I’m not sure if he ended up in a pond or an aquarium or what happened to him.”

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In an email to Global News, a spokesperson for Sobeys confirmed the incident and said, “quality assurance and food safety teams are currently working to better understand what may have led to this unusual situation.”

“We want to assure customers this is an isolated incident,” said public affairs lead Sarah Dawson.

“We have protocols and processes in place related to handling and distributing fresh products to ensure quality products are provided to our customers.”

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