The Veronicas Are Just Heating Up: ‘The Possibilities Are Endless’

Don’t count The Veronicas out just yet.

The Australian pop duo behind the international hit “Untouched” is on the new cover of LaPalme magazine, talking about going on tour and releasing two new albums just a month apart.

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After nearly 20 years in the music business, identical twins Lisa and Jessica Origliass are still passionate about their art.

“It has been incredible to be on tour again to share energy with everyone in the room after such a hard year and a half. We love performing. We’ve been performing since five years old, so it’s such a huge part of The Veronicas. So to be back on stage giving it our everything feels so good,” Jessica says.

Talking about their hiatus, Lisa says, “You need to make space and time for life to happen, especially when you are a songwriter. You need to be living life and draw the inspiration to channel back into your music.”

The duo has also seen hard times with the illness of their mother.

“A very big part of The Veronicas and some of the time we took off, is because our mummy is our biggest fan and she is why we get to do what we love every day,” Jessica says. “She nurtured us growing up with her love of Rock and Roll. She would take us to musical theater. She is such a huge influence and impact on us as musicians and young women.”

She adds, “About five years ago, she was diagnosed with a rare neurological condition called Progressive supranuclear palsy. She has had a rapid decline in her motor and cognitive functions, and she is now in palliative care. It is a terminal illness that nothing can be done about. So we took a few years off music to look after her, up until about a year ago when she had to go into palliative care when it was beyond our ability to meet her needs.”

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But The Veronicas are also looking to the good things that await them in the pop world.

“There is less of a formula to music now. There are less rules, and we absolutely love that. The ability to collaborate with different artists from other parts of the world,” Lisa explains. The possibilities are endless when it comes to people you can collaborate with and genres you can bend and twist. I love that radio can’t predict what’s going to be a huge hit. One minute it could be radio, and then the next minute it could be a song that blows up online, or Tik Tok, or any other platform.”

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