Scheer promises $1.5B for new medical imaging equipment to replace aging ones

WATCH ABOVE: Scheer promises $1.5B for new medical imaging equipment

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is promising to spend $1.5 billion to buy new medical imaging equipment for facilities across the country.

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Scheer says a Conservative government would buy MRI and CT machines to replace aging ones, which he says would reduce wait times for those tests.

He cites a Conference Board of Canada report that found there are excessive wait times for those tests, which is costing the economy billions of dollars.

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Scheer says with Canada’s aging population, the demand for such exams will only increase.

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The Conservatives say the investment would give provinces more spending flexibility, with the federal government footing the bill for replacing out-of-date medical imaging equipment.

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Scheer is also highlighting his promise to maintain and increase the Canada Health Transfer, which provides long-term health-care funding to the provinces and territories.

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