Texas police on the hunt for 'wedding crasher' who allegedly steals gifts

Texas police are on the hunt for a woman, dubbed “The Wedding Crasher,” who has allegedly been posing as a guest and stealing presents from wedding-gift tables since December 2018.

Scott Frakes, a detective with the Comal County Sheriff’s Office near San Antonio, explained to KENS 5 that the woman in question has reportedly swiped gifts from four different weddings at two venues — and it’s possible there could be more incidents in surrounding areas, he said.

Comal County Crime Stoppers shared a call to the public on its official Facebook page about the suspect.

Along with photos of the alleged wedding-gift thief, Crime Stoppers wrote that it is “seeking to identify a female suspect involved in a series of wedding-venue theft offences.”

Comal County Crime Stoppers shared a call out on their Facebook page in hopes of tracking down the alleged 'wedding crasher.'

Comal County Crime Stoppers shared a call out on their Facebook page in hopes of tracking down the alleged 'wedding crasher.'

Comal County Crime Stoppers/Facebook

The post continued: “The Wedding Crasher has been frequenting wedding events not only in Comal County but surrounding counties as well, preying on unsuspecting families and friends. The suspect arrives uninvited to weddings, poses as a guest and then steals the gifts.”

Police are offering a US$4,000 reward for any tips or information leading to her arrest.

Rhonda Hollon, president of the New Braunfels Wedding Chamber, says she has seen the alleged wedding crasher before.

“We’ve had many open houses during the summer that we’ve seen them strolling around checking out the vendors and venues,” she told CBS News.

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One couple reportedly only found out about their missing wedding gifts while on their honeymoon, NBC reports.

“I think when we first found out it was kind of a devastating, sinking feeling that this had happened,” Brittany Flores said.

It’s believed that the woman has stolen thousands in cash, cheques and gift cards.

“I think that’s really what we’re taking away from this is not letting this… wedding crasher, whatever they’re her, take away from our day,” Flores said. “She can’t steal our love.”

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Dani and Kinsey Schick found out they were victims a day after their wedding on Aug. 3, according to BuzzFeed News. They reportedly lost multiple $100 gift cards as well as two tickets to Disneyland.

“We just had the greatest day of our lives that night,” Dani told BuzzFeed. “A few of the staff knew that it happened later that night, but no one told us on purpose, which was super amazing. I’m really thankful that they waited to tell us. So finding out after was definitely a little easier than finding out… during our wedding reception.”

According to Frakes, it may be tough to track down any missing items associated with the reported thefts.

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“The victims, they may not have anything to track — or who do they link it to? Or there’s no footage that’s available,” he told KENS 5.

“That’s really been the break in these investigations is that the venues are able to get the video to us, as well as where the gift cards have been executed. We’re able to take those two videos put them next to each other and go, ‘That’s the same person.'”


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