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It’s a follow up Friday on the Beat Breakfast Panel! That’s where WE check in with YOU to see how our advice has helped!

Original Panel:

I’m writing because I don’t know what to do. I’m a new mom of a beautiful 5 month old girl that is my world. I’m also happily married, or so I thought. My husband confessed to me today that a few years ago before we were engaged, he cheated on me.

Not that it matters, but he says he didn’t go ALL the way, but he received more than a kiss if you know what I mean.

He confessed because the girl’s husband found out and threatened to tell me if he didn’t. This is a girl he works with, that has been in my home, held my baby, and looked me right in the eyes. I could go on forever in all the ways it has hurt me, how could he ever look at me again, kiss me? How dare he maintain a friendship and even have her over to our house? I always thought our love was pure, and now I feel like everything is a lie. My husband is extremely apologetic and feels awful, rightfully so. He insists it was once and was followed by instant regret. I guess my question is what the hell do I do now? Can a relationship ever truly recover from unfaithfulness?

UPDATE: (we got sent this before the panel went to air from Single Mom)

I just found out that it wasn’t years ago, it was one year ago. We were already married at the time, trying to have a baby. Thought I’d update you in case it’s on the show.

Please send help, and wine.
A future single mom?

Where are they now?:

I thought I would write to give you an update on my panel question.


It’s been over 6 months since I wrote to you. I never thought my life would sound like a Jerry Springer special but it sure did for a minute there. I want to thank all of the Beat listeners and Jax for their advice and thoughts. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of constructive comments.

My husband was out of the house for a week or two while the initial shock of it all wore off me. We attended couples counseling and he went to sessions individually as well. He confessed to his family, my family and close friends what had gone on, I felt that was important he didn’t “get away with it”. We had a lot of conversations and tears. We have been together over 8 years and are best friends and I know at our core we love each other. We have been working through it all and I recently told him I forgive him. He cried and said he still hasn’t forgiven himself and is still so ashamed. I hope he can some day. I’m sure feelings and issues may resurface at times in the future, but for now we are feeling really good. I’ve learned very quickly that no relationship is perfect and there are highs and lows for everyone. I’m so grateful we’ve gotten through this low and look forward to all our high moments with our baby in the future.

Thank you for sharing my question on the show!

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