Beat Breakfast Panel: I'm in trouble if I don't come up with a great 40th bday bash!

What Up Laura and Cawhilos!


I need the Beat listeners help!! In August my wife is turning 40. She is mother to my kids and does everything for us.

She is very much the engine that keeps our family running.. I love her and want to do something special for her.

She is the one who usually does the planning and execution of these things and makes it look super easy. I was thinking to do a surprise party, but where would I have it? Rent a hall? Do it at home?

We have a large family with birthdays all throughout the summer, so it needs to be cost effective but at the same time show how much I love her and recognize how awesome she is. I need some ideas.

We have 7 kids aged 1 to 22.  5 between us from previous marriage and 2 of our own. What should I have them do as well?


I need ideaaaas please?


#wifeturning40goingtobef’difIdon’tthinkofsomethinggood from Waterloo..

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