Beat Breakfast Panel:My friend is marrying the wrong person!!!!

Hi Beat Breakfast,

We’re desperate. In my friend group we have a couple who is currently engaged, but the marriage is totally wrong. How do we tell our friend that the person he is marrying is bad for him, and that he’s making a huge mistake? We love him to pieces, he’s a very nice, kind guy, but his girlfriend is mean and immature, often to him. Hanging out with them is really uncomfortable because they bicker and she talks really disrespectfully to him. His ex treated him really poorly and so is his current gf, so we think he believes that’s as good as it’s gonna get.

He’s never known a loving and warm relationship, just ones filled with lying and disrespect. Once they get married and have children, it’ll be too late and he’ll be stuck in a bad relationship. She also doesn’t hangout within our friend group anymore, and we’re sure she makes a big deal about him hanging out with us, and then it ruins his friend time. He looks so sad when he’s around us and it’s heartbreaking. He’s going to get hurt in this marriage, and she might not let him hang out with us anymore once they tie the knot, because she’s controlling and manipulative.

We need advice, as the wedding is fast approaching. What can we do???

-Marrying the wrong person

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