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Hi Beat Breakfast,  I just got home from an interesting shopping experience.  I went to Shoppers to pick up a prescription after my baseball with my son. I had to talk to the pharmacist and within seconds of turning back around my son was gone.  He’s only 4 so I obviously yelled his name, he didn’t respond so I then panic yelled hoping he would know to answer. He did answer thank God, he was down an aisle. I told him he scared me and he can’t do that and also told him to get over by me because, while all this was going on I noticed a woman who kept looking at me weird and giving me an uncomfortable feeling.  After this woman making me feel so uncomfortable and anxious in the store by her judgy, odd looks for the entire time I was there.

I left with my son saying nothing but feeling on high alert due to the nature of the way she was acting, I rushed my son into our vehicle.  I then hear a woman yell at me from the front of Shoppers telling me to be “kinder to my son” and “I’m the problem not him”. I couldn’t believe it, I thought what the? She’s the reason I was so uncomfortable in the first place. So I screamed at her in defense. I was scared and she made me feel so uncomfortable.

Did I do something wrong by telling my kid he shouldn’t have walked away from me in the store and he scared me? I don’t get it? Are all people so judgmental? I mean I did look sketchy because I had ball so I had colorful long socks on, a huge baggy sweater and dirt all over but seriously is that ANY reason to judge someone’s parenting?

Judgy McJudgerson in Elmira


I’m happy that ALMOST every real parent had my side.  I have spoken to many people and ready many of the Facebook comments and see that moms have other moms backs mostly.  For the people who are also judging I have to laugh because they’re looking like general public who don’t have children and are the type to judge a book by its cover!  I am thankful for you guys because I felt inadequate as a parent at that time which a lot of parents can probably agree at times they do. You guys helped me realize I am no different than anyone else and as I continue to do my best as a parent and single mom it’ll be a good life for my beautiful child!

Thanks again, Judgy McJudgerson in Elmira 

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