Beat Breakfast Panel:My husband refuses to let us get someone clean our house

My husband and I work full time jobs. He also has a part time job and I work part time and have gone back to school full time to finish my degree.  Since we’re so busy our house becomes a bit of a disaster. When we do have time together when he or I aren’t working, and I’m not at school or doing school work the last thing we want to do is clean.  

I suggested we hire someone to come clean our house twice a month, to handle a few of the things we don’t have time to get to. My husband thinks this is a terrible idea.  He actually said that hiring someone is for people who are lazy, and since I work from home and go to school, I have time to do it!

His insinuation of my being lazy didn’t go over well.  If I’m going to do more than he should too! We’re both busy with lots on our plates.   

Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with this? How do you balance it all when you’re so busy???

Not lazy in Kitchener

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