Beat Breakfast Panel: Why do I keep having dreams about other people?

Hey Beat Breakfast,

I’m looking for the help of some dream interpreters this morning. Can anyone help? I’m in a happy relationship of 2 years, I am faithful, but in my sleep, I am not. For the last few WEEKS, I have been having dirty dreams about men AND women.

Like, an old boss, just last night it was a celebrity. There is no pattern to my pervy dreams aside from they almost always end up at the end of the dream trying to hide my cheating from my boyfriend.

Why do I keep having these dreams!? I normally don’t dream at ALL! Can anyone help? The only thing I can think about is that I may be having these because my boyfriend and I haven’t seen a lot of each other lately even though we live together, but that doesn’t mean I’m thinking about cheating on him!? And I don’t want to have dirty dreams about other people I know! It’s so WEIRD. Help!

Dirty Dreamer, Cambridge


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