Beat Breakfast Panel: Should I tell my brother how I feel about his girlfriend?

Dear Carlos, Laura and the beat listeners,

I am having a tough time trying to connect with my younger brothers gf, I had originally met her through a mutual friend back in August and we didn’t “click” as someone who I  would want to become a friend of mine.

I thought it was only gonna be a one time meeting but then a few weeks later in September my younger brother met the same girl and they started seeing each other and now they have gotten serious….way too serious, after about 2 months of dating he moved in with her and now they are expecting a child.
My brother and I are very close and I am trying my best to find something to connect with but I can’t. My brother has never had a serious and long relationship with anyone and I am very concerned for him.

Do I tell my brother how I feel? Or do I “tread ” lightly and stay out of it?

I am not happy that they have moved way to quick and now having a kid aft only 8 months of not even knowing each other.

Any advice could help…thanks


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