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It’s a follow up Friday on the Beat Breakfast Panel! That’s where we check in with YOU who have written in to the Beat Breakfast Panel, and see how our advice has helped!

Original Panel:

One of my best friends purposely posted the ending to Avengers on their facebook last night. I am so mad. He knows I’m not able to see it until next week, and he knows I hate when people spoil things. I am a huge fan. HUGE. It feels like he maliciously posted spoilers to shame people who didn’t see it this weekend.

A couple people have called him out and he seems to be enjoying how upset he’s made some people. What gives?!

I called him out on it and he said I should stay off the internet if I don’t like spoilers. Who doesn’t use the internet?

Am I wrong to think he could have at least had the courtesy to write *spoiler alert* in his post? Am I alone in thinking this was a total jerk move and that people should be more considerate online?

Anyone agree with me?


Where are they now?: 

Well I have to say I was really happy to read a lot of comments in support of me. I was really doubting myself after the way my ‘friend’ treated me, so it meant a lot to read I’m not the only one that takes spoilers seriously.

I will say the people who said ‘who cares it’s a movie’ and that I need to get a life need to look at their own things they enjoy. It’s been years of build up for this movie, and yes, I like movies. I like comic books. Because it’s something that’s ‘nerdy’ am I not allowed to enjoy it? Or is it because you don’t like it, that it’s okay to make fun of me for liking it?

I have decided to unfriend this ‘friend’ on facebook. And FYI- I have a very small group of facebook friends who I consider friends in real life, that’s why I felt comfortable going on social media.

Thanks everyone, still looking forward to the movie.


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