Beat Breakfast Panel:The Fear Factor needs some work wisdom

Hi Guys!

I need some wisdom. I am in my 30’s and currently working in a nursing home as a housekeeper. I have been here for over a decade.  Like any job, I have good and bad days but overall I don’t hate my job.  I start and finish work early, I have some great friendships, it pays well and most importantly job security. The thing is, I feel bored, I don’t get to utilize knowledge and skills and I feel judgment whenever people find out what I do for a living.  Every few months I feel stagnant and start looking for another job.  Recently I have been offered a position that offers a challenge which is intimidating but something I also enjoy.  It pays the same as my current job at the nursing home, it is closer to home and more than anything it makes me feel like my future is brighter when I think of all the doors this position could potentially open for me.

The thing is, whenever I get a new job I always get the beer goggles on and start thinking about all the things I love about my current job and forget all the reasons I started looking for a new job to begin with. I start thinking of all the things that could go wrong that could consequently leave me unemployed – ie. getting fired, company goes belly up, I end up hating the job.

How do I bite the bullet and take the risk and face my fear of starting a new job in unknown territory?  Any advice and wisdom would be helpful. Thank you – The fear factor

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