Beat Breakfast Panel: I Don't Trust My Roommate and I Want Her Out!

I have a roommate and when we first moved in together she started to cheat on her boyfriend (not her first time cheating on him either).

I tried my very best not to judge even though I could never do something like that. She started dating the new guy while leading on her ex still.

Now 9 months later she is now cheating on the new guy with someone else but this time it is even worse. This NEW new guy she is cheating with is married and has 2 kids. It blows my mind how someone can do something like this, let alone when there are children involved.

I don’t trust her and I don’t want to live with her anymore. She is not remorseful at all and literally laughs about what she is doing. She lies constantly to her parents and even best friend so I am worried that she will do something to me.

Should I pack up my stuff and leave quietly even though I am happy where I am living or is it time that she knows what she’s doing is not okay so she needs to find somewhere else to go? We do not have a lease signed thankfully.

Whatever, Kitchener


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