Beat Breakfast Panel:Too much baby talk!!!

Hey Beat Breakfast,

Long-time listener, first-time caller.  Since having their first child, my friend’s wife–let’s call her T-Swift–has taken to driving every conversation to the topic of babies.  She’ll drone on and on about the most mundane baby-related topics, and now that others in our circle of friends have had children it’s become even worse.  It’s a drag to hang out with her in a group setting, and the constant talking about babies is alienating to those of us who don’t have kids of our own.

My other friends recognize that the topics can become stale and try to change the subject, but T-Swift will ask follow-up question after follow-up question and keep the conversation stuck on the same thing for far too long.  I can handle talking about nap times for a couple of minutes, but T-Swift will stay on it for fifteen to twenty! Then she’ll transition to feeding times! And she’ll constantly interrupt people answering the questions to ask more questions!  Sentence fragments!

Unbeknownst to my friends, my girlfriend and I are actually trying for a child of our own.  It’s still early, there are no concerns about conception issues or anything like that for us to be uncomfortable about, but we’re apprehensive about telling our friends about it even when we conceive because we know it’s going to lead to non-stop unsolicited advice and for us to be the ones hounded with baby questions.  Even with our pregnancy planning, we just don’t find babies all that interesting and don’t want that to be the only subject we talk about.

What do we do, Beat Breakfast?  Should we say something to T-Swift now?  Should we wait until we conceive and set clear boundaries early?  Or should we just shut up and bear it? Cause it’s becoming a real bother.

Signed, Baby Talk

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