Beat Breakfast Panel: How do I break this news to my disapproving parents?

Hi Beat Breakfast!

My boyfriend and I have been happily dating for three years now. He takes really good care of me; I am so happy and loved and when something is bothering us, we both understand how important communication is. But, with every happy love story there is always one slight problem. He lives an hour away. While I don’t mind the drive I hate having him so far away.

I still see him very often and stay with him a lot but I am still living primarily at my parents house due to the fact that I have school and a job here. Recently, him and I have been talking about me moving in with him at his dads place. I would get a job there and just drive to class when I have it, I was also looking at more online classes. I would live there for free and my boyfriend would help me out with gas money from travelling back and fourth from class. This move would only be for two years until I finish school and then him and I would find our own place closer to my family in the city. The only problem about me moving out is my parents.


I am sure lots of people can relate when I say I have VERY strict and VERY overprotective parents. Needless to say my home life is very unhealthy for me to be around. No matter how well I have my plans worked out they will still disagree with my decision, and have very rude opinions about it, even though I am beyond the age to make my own decisions.

I am financially stable, I have my own car, and I pay my own bills with no stress. I don’t want to have anyone hold me back or stopping me from making life decisions. That being said, I am scared of what me moving out will do to my relationships with them and my older sister. I hate confrontation so the thought of the BIG fight when I tell them I am leaving gives me serious anxiety but I am not happy at home.

Does anyone have any advice or words of wisdom on how to tell my parents I am leaving??? I care about their feelings but I also know this is the best thing for myself.


Yours truly,


Leaving the Nest


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