Beat Breakfast Panel: Should we downsize?

We have been looking at selling our house for a while. My husband thinks that we should downsize, and I think the opposite. We have two young kids, as well as 2 cats and a dog. Right now our house is already feeling cramped and cluttered and it has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

My husband is saying ‘it will be a fun adventure’ but he also was an only child. He doesn’t know what it’s like growing up in close or shared proximity to your siblings. He thinks we should move our family to a condo without a yard. He wants to live in a high rise. I can’t even imagine raising kids without a place to play outside.

Can anyone back me up on this? If anything, I think we need more space as our family starts to grow up.

Help! Househunting, Waterloo

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