Beat Breakfast Panel:Friends and family ask for with electrical jobs but don't pay me!

Hey Carlos and Laura,

I’m an electrician, and I just started my own business a year ago. Business is good but could be better, but I’m working on getting more of a client list going.

My problem is that my friends and family continue to ask me for help with electrical jobs and of course I do the work for them, but they don’t pay me or ask me how much they owe. They assume it’s free.

I’d be happy to give them a family and friends discount. But no one even offers anything!   They would have to pay someone else if I wasn’t around, and they know this is how I make a living.  Wouldn’t they want to support my business? If I was selling a product they wouldn’t assume they get it for free, but because I’m giving my time with a trade they do? It’s so awkward.  How do I get invoices out or what do I say next time?

Help a guy out in Cambridge

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