Beat Breakfast Panel: Road Trip, or Airfare?

Hi guys,

My husband and I are at odds over what to do for our first big family vacation. We want to go to Florida for Disney of course, but how we get there is where we are divided. I personally think we should be flying. We have four kids, the oldest is only 12. They are all very high energy and I think a quick plane ride will be painless.

My husband thinks we should be DRIVING to Florida. He wants to save the money on the airfare, and he thinks we should take turns driving straight there. He says he did it with his family as a kid and it was fine- well that’s not what I remember hearing from his mother. She said driving to Florida with young kids created a lot of great memories but it was also one of the most difficult things they’ve done as a family between the kids and car troubles. I’ve never liked road trips, and I think being stuck in a car for hours on end will be the least relaxing thing possible.

Does anyone else have experience with this? Help!

Travel Troubles, Kitchener

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