Beat Breakfast Panel:I got a great job but my wife doesn't want to move

Hey Carlos and Laura,

My wife and I have been married for a year, together for 6 years and I was just offered a job in Alberta.  It’s the job I’ve been waiting for and I’ve been waiting a while since I left school. My wife has known for some time about how much I want this job.

While I’m excited, my wife really isn’t.  She’s lived her entire life in Waterloo, went to school here at Laurier and all her friends and family are here.  When I told her about the offer she revealed she really never wants to leave Waterloo.  We had discussions about the possibility of moving since I was applying for jobs out of the province, but she never mentioned not wanting to leave before and I thought we had an understanding if an incredible offer came along we would move.

I’m shocked.  If she got an amazing opportunity I said I would be open to a move.  This is an incredible job with A LOT more pay than I’m getting now, that could set us up for a very comfortable future.  There is always the option of coming back but this would be a move for at least 5 years.

She won’t even consider moving.  Beyond the job issue, I’m wondering what else she isn’t telling me.  What do I do? -Still in shock in Waterloo

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