Beat Breakfast Panel:I can't seem to shake my first love? What do I do?

Hi 91.5 The Beat!

I have been dating someone for two years now. Committed relationship. We definitely have had our own relationship problems as any normal relationship does. However this is where things get confusing. I can’t seem to shake my first love. We were best friends for 10 years.

I forget about my first love for awhile and things are fine, but a lot lately I’ve been thinking about them. I sometimes think I need closure from that person? But that’s not fair to my partner or theirs (We both share one child with our current partners). I don’t want to cause any problems between either of our relationships. Although we have reached out in secret in the past and agreed maybe it’s in our best interest to not speak to one another, but I just can’t seem to shake it? What do I do? Do I reach out and take responsibility for the conveniences that may occur after or just let it go?

Sincerely, First love curse

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