Beat Breakfast Panel: The girl I'm dating is freakishly obsessed with Disney

Hey Beat Breakfast

I’ve been on a handful of dates with a girl, and I want to know what you think about this. She lives in Toronto so I don’t think she’ll hear that I wrote in to you guys.

So, the girl I’m seeing is really nice… but I’ve noticed on the few dates we’ve been on.. She has referenced Disney movies. Like quotes, or even wears Disney jewellery. It seemed harmless at first, until I went to her house for the first time this weekend.

She rents a room in a house. Every. Single. Thing. Is. Disney. Disney sheets. Disney pillows. A Bambi lamp, a snow white house coat. It would be the coolest room ever if we were 10, but I’m 29 and she’s 28. Once I saw her room, it’s like I unopened a bottomless pit of Disney.

We went one more date since I’ve seen her house, and it’s like after I saw her Disney shrine it’s all she would talk about.

Is this not a red flag for crazy town? Isn’t this a little old to be obsessed with Disney? She’s nice, but I’m looking for a mature relationship. I want to travel to different countries with someone, not to different Disney parks.


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