Beat Breakfast Panel-I lost my kid and my wife is still mad at me

First off my wife and I are happily married.  A few weeks ago I took my 7 year old daughter to the market in St. Jacobs. It was really busy, and I let go of her hand.  The next thing I knew, she wasn’t there. After looking around for five minutes, I found her standing right where we were walking when I let her go.  She was smart enough to know not to leave the area when I couldn’t find her but still, it was terrifying. She was a little shaken, but ok. This isn’t the first time it’s happened.  Last year it happened at Disney World and now my wife is upset with me for continually “losing” our daughter.  It happened twice!  I know that’s two times too many, but I think she’s overreacting.  

Now she won’t let me go anywhere without her coming too. My wife has to work a few days this week and since it’s March Break the plan was to take my daughter to the Ripley’s Aquarium and a fun daddy daughter day trip to Toronto while she was working, but now my wife doesn’t want me too. Do I do it anyway or not?  And what can I say or do to convince her? -Daddy daughter day in jeopardy

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