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It’s a follow up Friday on the Beat Breakfast Panel! That’s where WE check in with YOU who have written in and see how our advice has helped!

Hey Beat Breakfast.

My friends sister, who is maid of honour for my friend, has decided we must go ALL OUT on a bachelorette in Muskoka.

She’s asking for $400 EACH  (there’s like 12  of us) to rent this big mansion/ cottage. Then she wants to bring a caterer. Some, “entertainment”, a boat rental.

Then she thinks we should be buying our friend a bachelorette outfit!?

I told her I was not planning to drop 1000+ dollars on one NIGHT. And do you know what she had the nerve to tell me? She looked up how much my job’s average salary is, and said “I can afford it”. WHAT?!

I am so mad. How is this fair? Is this fair? Just because I’m well off doesn’t mean I want to waste my hard earned money on a one night party. I’m so mad right now I want to drop out of the wedding party. I don’t want to tell my friend about this, because she is the LEAST dramatic person I know. She picked her sister as a maid of honour because she didn’t want to have drama singling out one of her friends!

What do I do?

More Money More Problems


Where are they now?

Hey Beat Breakfast,

I did what a lot of people on facebook suggested and I talked to the other girls in the bridal party. Some of them were okay with paying this and some of us weren’t. So it ended up being this awkward situation in a facebook chat group of all things, where half of us were saying this is too expensive and half of us were perfectly fine with it.

The made of honour got super snarky and said we were all acting cheap. Some of the other girls even agreed with her! I said that just because I make money doesn’t mean I want to spend all of it over a one night party. So now as I type, only half of us are going to the bachelorette.

The bride knows now too. It’s cause a ton of drama but while she is stressed, she agrees spending that much on a bachelorette is ridiculous, but she’d  never tell her sister that!

We are going to have a smaller gathering for those of us who don’t want to spend a lot.

Wish me luck with the dress shopping.

More Money More Problems


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