Beat Breakfast Panel:How can I nicely tell my ex to leave me alone?

Hey guys,

I broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years at the beginning of February. Throughout our whole relationship we fought almost every day, he always acted like he didn’t want to go anywhere with me, and no matter where we went he was always in a bad mood and wanted to go home. I never got to see my friends and I lost a lot of friends because of it. Also, he has embarrassed me and himself in front of my family multiple times even when he met them for the first time on CHRISTMAS EVE. (He ended up leaving and I stayed). It got to the point where I really just didn’t want to be around him anymore and I felt annoyed by him all the time, even just by texting.

Now that I broke up with him he has been saying over and over again that he will change and he “wants to see me” and talk about things, but I honestly don’t want to. I work full time during the week and part time on weekend because I’m saving up for a car and college and I just don’t have time to be somewhere I don’t want to be & he says I’m selfish and being unfair. How can I nicely tell him to leave me alone and that I don’t want to talk to him? I care about people’s feelings and I hate being rude, but enough is enough. Please help ya girl out. – Stressed Ex

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