Beat Breakfast Panel:Should 'Mexican Love' take a chance or let go?

Good morning Carlos and Laura,  

I recently went to Mexico for a week with my friend.  I spent the week flirting with my favorite bartender and we even made out one night but nothing else happened. We’ve been talking everyday on Facebook Messenger for about a month now and we both want to see each other again. He barely speaks any English but Facebook Messenger translates for us. He’s very sweet and makes me feel special every day. I’m thinking about going back for 5 days, staying at a different Resort and he said he would take days off work and stay with me. I’ve been single for awhile and I don’t seem to have much luck with men around here. I’ve been hurt so many times and I’m afraid to put myself out there again. But with him I actually get excited when he sends me a message and it’s been a long time since any guy had made me feel that way.  

If I go for 5 days it will be in April and I’ll have to book something soon if I’m going to do this.

So I need to know am I crazy?!?! I’m hesitant to go for two reasons. 1. What if I go and we spend more time together and he turns out to be weird? Then I’m stuck with him for 5 days. Lol. 2. And this scares me more…What if I go and we have an amazing time and we fall in love then I have to leave him there and I will be heartbroken again.

What do you think I should do? Take a chance or let go and eventually get over him.

Sincerely, Mexican love

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