Beat Breakfast Panel: Is buying a trip too much?

For Valentine’s Day, I wanted to get my girlfriend a trip to Italy to see her family. I’m wondering what you guys think about this.

To give you some context, her brother lives there and there very close, she hasn’t seen him in two years. He is going to get married this summer and she hasn’t even met his girlfriend, she can’t go because she has an important work date that weekend.

So, I have found a flight deal to get us two weeks in Italy. She will be able to get this time off work. I’m just wondering how you would feel having a plane ticket bought for you? Is it invasive telling someone they have to go on a trip?

I know if I talk to her about it, she won’t go. She wants us to focus on buying a house and paying off her university debt but I think life is too short for her not to see her family.


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