Beat Breakfast Panel: It's a Follow Up Friday!

It’s Follow Up Friday on the Beat Breakfast! That’s where WE check in with YOU who have written into the panel and see how our advice has helped!

Original Panel:

Hey Beat Breakfast Panel

I am at a weird fork in my life. I’m 29 and I’ve got an opportunity to stick on my career path and potentially make a lot of money. Right now, I’m working two jobs and having a hard time paying bills. I could stay with this unsure career path, or pursue a job opportunity in another province and make an average salary. This would make my girlfriend have to leave a job she loves for stability on my end.

We also want to save up for a house and a stable job would help with that. But here’s another thing. We also want to travel. We also LOVE music. The two of us haven’t really “lived” until last year when we both finished school. We haven’t experienced a lot of what typical 20 somethings do. We’ve never been to a music festival. We’ve never traveled outside of North America.

But we do know house prices here are ridiculous, so I guess here is my question. What do you wish you did and didn’t do when you were my age? Did you feel like you missed out on the best parts of life by not travelling when you were young? Do you regret NOT saving up for a house? Do you regret not going to that music festival with your friends?

Some times I feel like our lives are passing by and we are missing out on the moments that matter and “playing by the book” too much. Should we focus more on experiences?

Any advice would help,



Where are they now?:

I just want to say thank you to everyone for the kind words. It was really nice to read that I’m not the only one going through stuff like this and that I’m not alone in being under traveled in my late 20s. We are going to risk it and focus the next year on small experiences and we are going to go away somewhere for a week in November!

My girlfriend and I are on the same page, and we don’t have planning kids so it’s not like we need to save for that. My only issue now will be finding full time work in the region because it will be hard to have experiences working two jobs.

I hope anyone who’s my age takes the risk with me, because beat listeners are right. Life is too short!



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