Beat Breakfast Panel: My Neighbour is Giving Me A Headache!

Hoping you can help me out

My neighbour is a sweet little old lady, her son and grandson. I’ve lived here a little over a year and have never had any issues. My husband has lived here much longer and again, no issues. Well, last Friday, they started playing music. Loud music. Ok, whatever, right?  Well it hasn’t stopped. Between loud music or loud videos games, I have not had a moments peace in nearly a week. I don’t live in an apartment. This is a house beside a house. They start at 7am and go well past 10pm. My TV is currently full volume and I can STILL hear their HORRIBLE music! My husband went over yesterday and asked them to turn it down and they did – for a little while. But this morning as soon as they saw him leave for work, it started again. I really don’t want to go over there because I don’t want to be annoying going there every day and telling them to turn it down but I cannot escape the noise and don’t want to seem like a b***h by telling them they can’t listen to music in their own home but I cannot deal with this any more!!

What can I do?

Neighbour with a Headache

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