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We’re following up with Beat listeners to see how they made out after they sent in their questions to us – and you – for help.  Every Friday, it’s a Follow-Up Friday on the Beat Breakfast Panel.

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I started a job in October.  I love the new company I work for and my new boss and his boss and my co-workers. Love love love.  I am an expert at my job but it’s a new industry for me so I’m having to aggressively learn the company and industry.  

I’m starting to take on projects and my boss says that he trusts me and that he is excited that I’m on his team.  However, he controls every assignment I have, Like what I have to do and what I don’t. Okay – I get it, I’m still learning. Lately, he is getting better at delegating projects and assignments and giving me simple instructions but when I submit, I notice that he makes really complicated changes to  my work. It’s so frustrating cause I’m feeling useless right now since I’m new. I feel like I would like a little bit of freedom or maybe proper instructions on what is expected so I can at least try to meet those expectations. My 3 months will be up soon so I am anxious that I have nothing to show for the 3 months I have been working.  There is nothing suspicious or shady about it just wished I felt needed.

I feel like I could be losing my knowledge because I’m not using it. How should I approach it with my boss?  Should I speak up? Or just wait for what comes down to me?

Sincerely, New at Work


Hello Carlos,

Everything is perfect.  I am doing well. I was given a bunch of projects to work on all on my own without any changes to them.  I am encouraged to set and plan goals for myself in the new year. I love everything that is happening in my career right now. My boss is super supportive.  I think I may have just overreacted. Understandably, since I’m new. But It is going great. I have just been given more freedom in my role and more access to resources and tools to do my job!

Thank you for checking in and thank you to The Beat Breakfast Panel for weighing in and giving me some sound advice so I can feel better about the situation.  Talk soon.   Again thank you.   New at Work

PS-In light of #mentalhealthawareness I just want to say, I had some thing that was bothersome. I was afraid to talk about it because of possible consequences that it eventually stressed me out and made me feel useless and awful.  I reached out and even though it wasn’t what I thought it was, it really helped to reach out to talk about it.

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