Beat Breakfast Panel:My parents ALWAYS comment on my boyfriend's weight

My boyfriend is amazing.  He’s the kindest, sweetest guy, but he’s a little overweight.  I could care less about that, but he’s self conscious about it.  The real problem is my parents!

They comment on his weight whenever he’s around and make remarks to him.  They think they’re helping by letting him know he maybe shouldn’t have that extra piece of whatever we’re eating, or maybe cut down on dessert.  He hasn’t mentioned anything to me about it, but I know it hurts him. He prefers not to stay for dinner or meals whenever possible. They also make it a point to mention his weight when he’s not around. I’ve tried to tell my parents that they’re being rude and offensive, but they think they’re helping!!!  My mom gets upset that I’m making her feel bad and can’t see she’s making him feel bad!!!  How can they be this clueless and self absorbed? What can I do to get through to them once and for all to STOP!!!!  Parental Weight Watchers in Kitchener

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