Beat Breakfast Panel: My Boyfriend Is Bailing on Me For Superbowl

After last year’s Superbowl, we decided that we’d take the weekend and spend it for just ourselves. It”s always the weekend closest to our anniversary, and last week my boyfriend changed plans.

What was supposed to be a lovely weekend staying in and celebrating our 4th anniversary, is now going to be my boyfriend smothering himself in wingsauce and beer like he does literally every Sunday during the football season. His reasoning for changing our plans? That he has a friend coming up who lives in Europe and that Superbowl Sunday is the only chance he’s going to get to see him.

Our celebrations were supposed to start Saturday since I work until late Friday, and now he’s cancelled them saying we’ll go out for really nice dinner on the day of and make it up another weekend.

Am I wrong for being PO’d here?

Grr, Waterloo

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