Beat Breakfast Panel:Follow-Up Friday:Do I wait for him to leave his girlfriend or just move on?

We’re following up with Beat listeners to see how they made out after they sent in their questions to us – and you – for help.  Every Friday, it’s a Follow-Up Friday on the Beat Breakfast Panel.  Today is a special one since it’s a follow-up of a follow-up!!! 

Original Panel

So I’m having a issue, there’s a guy who has always had a special place in my heart. He came to my wedding, I went to his. We both split with our spouses around the same time. He was pursuing me afterwards but I didn’t see the signs as I was seeing someone else. Long story short, he’s a firefighter and always working, has a girlfriend, bought a house with her not long ago and still wants me.. I talk to him almost daily and ask why he’s taking time to talk to me.. I get “I’m honestly not sure”. I remind him he’s with someone but he tells me he’s thinking of me.. I feel guilty for talking to him but like I said he holds a special place in my heart.. should I just cut ties and block him out of my life?? Or should I just sit here hoping he’s going to leave his girlfriend.

– The Second Woman Cambridge

Follow-up #1

So listening to what most women said, I tried to put him in his place and tell him I’m not going to be the second woman. Word for word this was his response – “Second to me”? You must be kidding. I have been connected to you for closing in on a decade. I have gone after you week after week, year after year. Our heads think about each other and text each other passionate things on the daily.   I gave in and chatted most of the morning with him but I’ve now blocked his number and he’s off my Facebook now. I’m done being the second woman!

See ya later bud!  

– Thanks Kindly, The Second Woman Cambridge

Follow-Up #2

I can’t believe I’m actually writing you but I felt I owed you guys some sort of a update after I originally said I was ending things which I did for about a week..

I continued talking to him.. gave myself about 2 weeks before I told told him how I truly felt. So needless to say were currently in the process of figuring things out and preparing for the next step in this so called relationship. The heart wants what the heart wants. Unfortunately feelings needed to be hurt along the way. At the end of the day it’s what’s deep down inside that counts! Shame me all you want, I went for it cause I didn’t want to be the second woman anymore!!

-Sincerely, No longer The Second Woman

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