Beat Breakfast Panel: How Do I Deal with my MOODY Boss & Small Workplace!?


Hi Beat Breakfast,


I’m on a one year contract at work, my contract is almost up. I’m more than excited to get the f**k out of there! But until then, I’m stuck.


My supervisor who “works” (stalking Facebook/online shopping from 9-5) a few steps away from me is always in a bad mood. Every single day ______ takes it out on me. I’ve spoken with our boss on multiple occasions to little effect. (The business consists of fewer than 20 people so there’s no HR for me to go to). Majority of nights I leave in tears. I fear going into work everyday because I don’t know what kind of mood ______ will be in, I’m losing sleep over this! I don’t want to give ______ the satisfaction of utterly breaking my spirit.


On top of that there’s absolutely no privacy between Employer and Employees in the business. Anything I tell my boss in confidence, the whole office knows within a half hour, if that.


I’m at a loss for what I should do next! My hubby and I just moved into a new place a week ago. His income can’t support the both of us, if I was to quit all of a sudden, even though he supports that option, it would be extremely unfair to him and I just can’t do that. I’ve considered reporting it anonymously to the Ministry of Labor, but they would know it was me!


Any advice on what I should do next or how to stick it out in this absolute HELL hole??



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