Beat Breakfast Panel:She has no clue if she wants to be friends or more. What do I do?

Me and one of my close friends from university drifted apart after we graduated earlier this year.  I fell for her, she didn’t feel the same way.  I still wanted her in my life and we still spent time with our group of friends – just as friends – and while things were awkward at first, I thought we had things figured out.  She wasn’t into me but I wanted her in my life. I accepted that. After a few months, she wasn’t comfortable with being just friends and said it would be best for us to not speak for a while.  That was in August.

On NYE at a friends party she confessed she missed me and we spent most of the time since together.  It’s been more than as friends. All initiated by her and leaving me a little confused. I asked what was happening but she said to “just enjoy it” and “isn’t this what you wanted?” I stopped asking.  

Sunday night she told me that we need to stop and once again shouldn’t see each other for awhile.   She wouldn’t elaborate when I asked why. I mean, it hadn’t even been a week! Honestly I just wanted to be friends again, but then more happened.  I’m hurt and angry but more than anything I’m just confused. I want some answers! Do I just leave it be and realize I’m better off with her not in my life? Is there even any use in trying to be “friends” -New year, Same old in Waterloo

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