Beat Breakfast Panel: I Got Gift Cards... Again

My boyfriend is great, but I am not sure if what I thought was a one time thing is actually a bigger reveal of his character.

Our first Christmas together, we had just met and he got me gift cards. Gift cards to fast food and chain restaurants. There was a lot of them (About $100 worth), but there were a bunch in small amounts put together like he had already been given these cards.

Our birthdays go by, which are pretty close together, and we decide to buy each other dinner. He actually suggested using the gift cards he got me for Christmas.

This Christmas, I assumed that our gifts would be a little more meaningful since our relationship isn’t new anymore. I got him tickets to a band he really likes, AND tickets to a raptors game. I put a lot of thought into his gift and what did I get this year?

$125 of gift cards, again in all small amounts. We don’t go out very often, he’s always been very careful with his money. But gift cards?!

By the way, our first anniversary just happened, and we stayed in, so it’s not like we blew our budgets before Christmas. I personally think showing your love for someone is important. The fact that it seems there’s been little to no thought to milestones in our relationship bugs me. What do I do?!

M, Kitchener

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