Beat Breakfast Panel: It's a follow up Friday!

It’s follow up Friday on the Beat Breakfast! That’s where we check in with those of YOU who have written into the panel and we see how our advice has helped!

Original panel:

I’ve met my Dad’s new girlfriend a handful of times. I tried to give her a chance, but I’m convinced, she’s a gold digger.

Some back story: My Mom and Dad had a pretty peaceful divorce a few years back and they’re still friends. She got engaged last year and I feel like ever since then my Dad has been trying to keep up.

In private conversations with my Mother, she thinks the situation Dad has got himself in is hilarious. Proof that she’s a gold digger includes:

-Being 23 years his junior

-Fake nails, fake hair, fake tan

-She doesn’t have much of a career oriented lifestyle if you know what I mean

On top of all of that, she is a total knockout and my Dad… Well sorry  Pops but she is out of your league. My Dad is very smart and is a money man, but I think he’s thinking with another body part this time around.

Should I tell him what I think? I worry what she’ll do to his bank account if things get serious. Even then, I’m having a hard time spending Christmas with someone who’s nearly my age playing house with my Dad.

Andy, Waterloo


Where are they now?

I’m going to keep my mouth shut. Maybe Dad is just enjoying the ride like some of you said. The bonus for me in this situation is that she’s actually convinced him to go on a trip for Christmas, so a luxury resort in Greece. They left on Wednesday so I guess it kind of worked out for me. Mom still thinks it’s hilarious.

Any, Waterloo

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