Beat Breakfast Panel:Follow-Up Friday:How do I convince my family to change up our Christmas tradition?

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This is a very hard panel to write.  I lost my Mom in May this year and with Christmas fast approaching I have tried to convince my family that we need to change up the traditions this year to try and soften the blow we are all going to feel.

We would normally gather at the same house and have the same dinner every year,  I have suggested going out for dinner but I am being met with a lot of resistance and there isn’t really another house that we can gather at.

So I was wondering if anyone has any other suggestions on how to change things up or if I should take my small portion of the family out for dinner and let the rest worry about themselves?

Any tips, suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Blue Christmas


Hi Carlos,

Thanks for following up with me, and thanks to everyone for their sympathies, kind words and advice.

I never wanted to be apart from my family for Christmas because I do agree we need to be there for one another to get through this, I was just hoping to change things up a little to try and make it easier.

That being said and because I do want to be with my family I have decided to stick with the same tradition of gathering at the same house, we are working on trying to change up the meal.

l will however be introducing some new traditions to honor and remember my Mom,  I have bought a special ornament for the tree and I will be lighting a memory candle for her. I’m hoping these small gestures will bring us a little peace.

Once again thank you everyone and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas, especially those of you that maybe having your own Blue Christmas!  


Blue Christmas

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