Beat Breakfast Panel: Should I Call My Girlfriend's Dad Out?

So my girlfriend and I have been living together for a few months now and everything has been going great. well recently, I just found out that her father is planning to stay with us for a couple of days while he’s in the city.

Now I have no problem with the guy it’s just that the last time he and I had met, he took the three of us out to some really REALLY fancy lunch that had cost a fortune. (oh yeah did I forget to mention he’s rich?) and anyway everything was going great until the bill came.

After he paid he stood up and was ready to go, I, on the other hand, was a little confused because he didn’t tip. I thought that he must have forgotten but when I brought it up, my girlfriend gave me a look like “you’re a dead man” he ignored me and headed straight for the door. I looked at my girlfriend a little confused because I knew she used to be a waiter and so I asked her if she felt like what he was doing was wrong but all she said was “that’s daddy for you” and proceeded to walk out as well.

Well, out of my good nature, I stayed behind and slipped a $20 dollar bill as a tip but her dad must’ve forgotten something behind because when he came back, he caught me and told me off in front of the WHOLE restaurant causing a scene, saying that I’m trying to show him up in front of everyone and trying to be the big guy. So he was like you know what you pay for our meal and he took his money back leaving me to pay for everything.

Now my girlfriend says I have to make things right with him before he comes over by apologizing because she still believes I was in the wrong. What should I do? bury the hatchet or stand my ground and see what he does when we meet in person?

Unapologetic in Kitchener

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