The GROSSEST part of a PLANE is a little too close for comfort...

This is either the best time or the worst time to find out this information about gross spots on a plane, considering a lot of people are flying down south this time of year. Believe me, the stories I had to go through to get this info is horrifying. Just let your imagination run wild with what flight attendants have had to clean…..


CBC’s Marketplace analyzed over 100 samples on 18 flights. They took a total of 18 short-haul flights between Ottawa and Montreal, flying with Canada’s three major airlines — Air Canada, WestJet and Porter — at various times throughout the day.
On each flight, the following surfaces were swabbed: seatbelt, tray table, headrest, seat pocket and washroom handle. Those samples were then analyzed at a lab at the University of Guelph, and this is where it gets nasty… Nearly half of the surfaces swabbed contained levels of bacteria or yeast and mould that could put a person at risk for infection.

The most contaminated surface on the plane was the headrest. The seat pocket was #2. The most concerning finding apparently, was E. coli bacteria detected on both the seat pocket and the headrest. The presence of E. coli indicates fecal contamination!

So what do you do? Never fly again? No. The advice is to take cleanliness matters into your own hands: Wipe down the surfaces that you’re going to touch and always carry hand sanitizer with enough alcohol to actually kill germs, “Fifteen seconds on your hands, 30 seconds on surfaces, and you’re good to go”.


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