Our Oktoberfest Parody for 2018 is HERE! It's Oktobersmash 2:Electric Boogaloo!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Kitchener Waterloo Oktoberfest!!!  Every year for Oktoberfest, all the radio stations here in KitLooBridge compete in this little competition for the coveted Media Meister title and write and perform parody songs all about Oktoberfest.

Since it’s the 50th year instead of a panel of judges picking the winner , it was a public vote and the winner was picked by YOU!!!!  And thanks to you and your votes the Beat’s entry won this year!!!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR VOTING!!!!  We’re honored to win it once again this year!

Here’s the song for you to enjoy and please share …



And here are the lyrics if you want to have a little sing along with your friends …

Oktobersmash 2:Electric Boogaloo


Hiya President Margo!

Hi Beat Breakfast!

Do you want to hear a song?

Sure Beat Breakfast!

Turn it upppp!!


I’m a German girl, in a German world

Sing Ein Prosit, you know you know it

You can wear your tracht , meet Walter Ostanek!

Just say   chee-ers, Oktoberfest is here!

Come on Margo lets meet Miss O!


Now I like preztels, I like schnitzel’s

I like singing, I like clapping

I like bustin’ open kegs

Where’s my spile, **** I’m tappin!

I like shooting things with arrows, at Bogenschuetzenfest!

I like doing shots of schnapps, but only at Oktoberfest!

I like practice with my axes at Axtwerfen all night

I like men in leiderhosen, makes me feel gemütlichkeit!

They call them Ziggy Zaggy, stein brothers

Party wonders, keg ushers

Cooler than an arctic tundra , sweet shades, let’s party!


It has an 83% return on stein and dine invitations

What’s that?

I call it the beeend … and schnapps … See you beeend … then schnapps …

So … beeend … and schnapps!?

You almost got it, just a little less bend … a little more schnapps!

Beeend and Schnapps!  Beeend and schnapps!

You got it!!! Everybody now!

Bend and Schnapps!   Beeend and Schnapps!  Bend and Schnapps! Beeend and Schnapps!


Hansie, do you love me? Are you festing?

We got tons and tons of wurst to be digesting

Do the polka, drink the beir ya,

Celebrating 50 years!

Frieda, do you love me? Are you festing?

I see your schuuu-platter skills are progressing,

In your dirndl, spinning circles

Celebrating 50 years!


Somebody once told me I shouldn’t do that shot ski

I ignored them and did four instead,

Miss-O was lookin on till the jager was all gone,

Now I’m wearing her crown on my forehead!

Well, the fests start coming and they don’t stop coming,

5K fun run better practice your running!

Doesn’t make sense not to try and Tanz

You’re feet get sore but you’ll impress Hanz!

Concordia, Hubertashaus

So much to choose from for the festin’

You’ll never know if you don’t go, PROST!

Wave to President Margo!

Hey now you’re fraulein, polka in line, chicken dance!

Hey now, got a full stein, a bavarian, romance!

Don’t let your schnitzel get coooold

50 years of festin’ never gets old!

© 2018 Corus Radio, a division of Corus Entertainment Inc.

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