Beat Breakfast Panel: It's a Follow Up Friday!

It’s a follow up Friday on the Beat Breakfast Panel! That’s where we check in with YOU, and see how our panel advice has helped!

Original Panel:

Beat Breakfast Panel, please HELP.

My wife has hit a point in pregnancy where her emotions have the consistency of a wet paper towel. To quote Katy Perry, she’s hot then she’s cold, she’s yes than she’s no.

She cried the other day because a song on the radio was ‘nice’. She got into a full out screaming match with me because I got the wrong brand of sour cream. She is in a laughing fit one second and then an hour later she’s asking me why I don’t support her because I didn’t rub her feet for a second time that day.

She’s even apologized because she knows her hormones are making her a whole different woman right now. I get it, I love her and I can’t wait for our baby boy to be born. But what I need help with – How the heck do I deal with another three months of this?

I want to support her and give her all the care she needs with out going crazy myself or slipping up and saying the wrong thing to her.

Is there any way to calm this down?

K, Kitchener


Where are they now?:

So I know it’s only been a few weeks, but that’s a long time in pregnancy land. I tried the ‘support her through everything’.. but I won’t lie to you guys because I know you love a juicy follow up. I may or may not have snapped and referenced that I asked the beat breakfast panel for help and I may or may not have mentioned some of the advice that said she needs control herself when it comes to blaming me for things.

At first I immediately regretted that, but once I gave her 3 freakin’ days to cool down, she did. And she apologized. And since then I have been more supportive like all the other advice suggested too. We have a system now, I’m going the extra mile but if her crazy dial his 10 I get to call her out. I still am in the dog house every time I do but then she calms down and maybe thinks of this panel and chills out.

K, Kitchener

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