People Who Make Their Bed Every Day Have More Sex & More Friends

Do you wake up and make your bed every morning? I NEVER make my bed. What’s the point? I also enjoy the cold sheets when you crawl in there in the summer. But really, who am i kidding? I don’t make it in the winter either.


A new poll looked at the differences between bed makers and non-bed makers.

1. Bed-makers have more SEX. About three times a week on average, compared to twice a week for people who don’t make their bed every day.

2. Bed-makers have more friends. They were more likely to say they have three or more close friends.

3. Bed-makers are more likely to say they’re a “morning person,” and less likely to hit the snooze button. On average, they wake up 16 minutes earlier.

4. If you like rock music and watch “Seinfeld”, you’re more likely to be a NON-bed maker. Bed-makers enjoy jazz more, and watch shows like “House Hunters”.

5. People who make their bed tend to describe themselves as adventurous, confident, sociable, and high-maintenance. People who don’t make their bed are more likely to say they’re shy, moody, curious, and sarcastic.

6. Bed-makers will JUDGE you for not making your bed. 42% said that if they were dating someone who didn’t make their bed, it would be a turn-off.


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