Beat Breakfast Panel:Who do I choose to be my best man?

I’m getting married in May and I’m not sure who to ask to have as my best man.  On the one hand there’s my best friend who is a great public speaker and very funny, but also a bit self absorbed and not very organized.  

On the other hand there’s my older brother.  We’re 5 years apart and he’s very shy and hates getting up in front of people but he wants to give a speech.  He’s organized and is really thoughtful and already has some ideas for the bachelor party.

My fiance and I are planning a small wedding and don’t plan on having a large wedding party – just a best man and maid of honor with some short speeches. I’m close with them both my best friend and brother – they’re friends too –  and they have each mentioned being my best man.  Oh and both are really excited and I think expecting to be “the man”. Whoever I don’t choose will be really hurt. What do I do?   Decisions, decision in Kitchener 

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