Algae is the coolest thing on earth!

The best things really do come in the smallest packages.

While on vacation in Victoria BC, I saw the coolest thing EVER…ALGAE

More specifically bioluminescent algae

We were sitting on the beach at midnight and saw this blue glow in the water when the waves rolled in. So naturally, we started throwing rocks and seaweed in the water and watching it light up bright neon blue.

When you walked on the beach your footsteps would light up blue. I was dragging sticks along the beach and watching it light up. It was the coolest thing I have ever seen.

*I didn’t take any pictures because my mind was too blown and I was having too much fun dancing in glowing water.

** Also, have you ever tried taking pictures of the moon on your camera…that is what it would have turned out like and this algae deserves better

It is truly one of those things you have to experience. I found a video to try and show the straight up beauty of it.



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