Facebook is dead.

Everyone hates Facebook these days. Young people don’t think it’s cool because their parents are on it and even now the parents are sick of it. And then of course, there’s that whole exploiting us and selling our data to anyone who wants it thing.


Turns out a HUGE number of people have cut back significantly on using Facebook in the past year . . . or cut it out of their lives completely.

According to a new survey by the Pew Research Center, 74% of North Americans have taken at least SOME action against Facebook . . .

1. 54% have adjusted their privacy settings.

2. 42% have taken a break from checking it for several weeks or more.

3. And 26%, or one out of four people, have deleted the app from their phone.

For some reason, the survey didn’t ask how many people took it one step further and deleted their account altogether, but a survey back in April found it was 9% of people . . . so by now, that number’s probably a little higher.


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