So apparently Mustard Pizza is a thing.

Happy National Cheese Pizza Day!  (September 5th)  Which is perhaps how most of were introduced to the yummy that is PIZZA! But just when you got over your potential outrage of people putting pineapple on pizza, now comes THIS!

(TBH… not that I love it, but I have now accepted pineapple as a pizza topping I may eat)

However, the latest food trend that is dividing the internet might not be that easy to swallow.  It’s called simply Mustard pizza.

IT can be found at Lions & Tigers & Squares Detroit Pizza in New York City.

A little history if you are not familiar with Detroit-style pizza.  It is a rectangular pizza that has a thick crisp crust and toppings such as pepperoni and mushrooms. What makes Detroit-style pizza different from Chicago and New York styles is the crust, which is extra thick and very crispy on the bottom. You may have tried it at your local Little Caesars.

This mustard pizza pie uses a generous helping of mustard instead of your standard tomato sauce. Then gets topped with corned beef and sauerkraut. And of course there’s cheese!  And lots of it… nearly half a pound of brick cheese. (brick cheese is kinda similar to Havarti). See for yourself….

So what do you think?  Would you try it?  Not really my thing, but I’d try it at least once.  Or maybe you’re thinking…

Either way… can’t get any worse can it?

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